A bit About Our Artists

A Touch of Glass


Chrissy has the patience to pay attention to all of the details, which shine and shimmer in the sun and brighten up any room with her stained glass and glass mosaic works of art.

Fearless hART


 Coreena is truly inspiring to all those she meets. Her leather cuffs & multimedia art speaks for itself - she doesn't just make it. She lives it. 

Country Compass Decor


Bonnie-Lynn loves to make people laugh, cry and smile with witty phrases and catchy sentiments in laser etching or dye sub printing for the absolute highest quality. Want something custom? She can help!

Suzanne Foss - Lyrical Art


If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Ealanta Photography + Ealanta Art Wear


Bonnie-Jean is our resident photographer, creating beautiful works of art that you can wear or decorate your home with.

Custom Work


All our artists are available for custom work. See something you like, but it's not the right size or colour, just ask and we'll make something perfect!

Sweet Bean

Sweet Bean Art

Sherry's art is all hand painted - no stencils here. It takes more time, but creates a finished look that's worth it. If you’re looking for something with personality that’s perfectly imperfect, she's your gal. Sherry's always available for custom work.

Pav's Creations


 Art. Airbrush custom paint. Custom metal fabrication. 

Rockface Pens


RockFace Pens specializes in custom handmade pens. Every piece has been hand crafted in our pen studio located in Beaumont, Alberta.

Twig and Velvet

Handcrafted metal and stone jewellery

Handcrafted metal and stone jewellery .

Shell Cavé Studio


Shell's handmade malas beads, mala wraps, essential oil bracelets, art and journals are a reminder to live life with love and passion. The natural beauty and sacred properties of these handmade products are both intentional and aesthetic.

Mad Squirrel


Mad Squirrel is a collaboration between life partners Lorrie, a ceramicist and Rick, an aspiring metalsmith and beekeeper.