Ilda Lebrecque

Ilda is the mastermind behind the original frameable art cards, which are suited for ANY event or celebration. She is also one of the founding members, and is responsible for the beautiful space for the members to display their art and handcrafted items. She enjoys working with watercolor, acrylics or mixed media and painting tiny original artworks directly on greeting cards.  Her inspiration comes from re-creating the natural beauty found in nature, whether for her cards, 3-D art or canvas painting. Ilda gets inspired from daily tasks, as well, and notices fine details and curves in normally mundane items. The simplicity in an art work for her is creating just enough to give an idea but leaving the rest to the viewer’s imagination. 

Ilda’s first love, however, comes from instructing art to kids in the After School Art classes.

She teaches on Tuesday and Thursday each  week, from September to Christmas break, and then again from February to the end of May.  Children ages 6 to 13 are given instruction for one hour per week on the basics of watercolor, acrylic, pastels, ink and drawing. Each class has up to 7 students. All supplies are included in the registration fees of $200 per student.

She has ALSO started teaching a larger audience at Paint Parties! Gather up 2-3 friends or family members for an evening of fun, and she’ll come to you. You can also book a party at the Painted Door on Main! Paint Parties are $30 per person and include all the supplies, as well as an example of the session being taught.

Ilda is truly grateful for time with family and friends. Grateful for finding her art passion early on, and doing what she loves. She loves sharing because it truly makes a difference in people’s lives. She is warm-hearted, caring, and a treasured member of the Painted Door on Main family!

Contact Ilda

 For more information on any services Ilda offers, please email