Fearless hART

Coreena Kornel

 I am a happily married mother of  five who loves to  laugh.  I follow my dreams, but not many rules.  I smile easily and enjoy being around people.  I see the good in everyone first - before all else. Love is my religion.   

I love music, I love books and I love to see people smile.  I love the smell of flowers, the smell of horses, and the smell of my children's hair when I tuck them in at night.  I appreciate good wine, good food, and high thread count sheets.   

I live for my family, I cherish my children and I am head over heels for my husband.  My biggest wish is for each of them to be blissfully happy in this life - whatever that looks like for them.  I am so grateful for my front row seats to witness it all.   

I embrace life, I embrace opportunities to grow, and I know there is always something amazing on the other side of struggles and pain.  I choose to live in the light knowing that yucky things thrive in dark places.   

I say 'NO' to things I do not want in my life, so I am able to say 'YES' to the things that I do.  I always choose to go where the peace is, I choose to live fearless, and I put a piece of my heart into everything I create...